What We Do

Premier Retail Support is in the business of educating and helping entrepreneurs to succeed.

We provide step-by-step guidance to help businesses avoid location and leasing mistakes that
may ultimately put them out of business!

What We Don't Do

We are not in the business of brokerage or tenant representation.

How We Do It

Our website is built as an online, unbiased commercial real estate information source that
explains the detailed steps regarding the Art & Science of Site Selection and Leasing.

The first section to read is “30 Steps to Your Grand Opening” -- a detailed, step by step
guideline, with timeframes, for the entire site selection and leasing process.

As you read the Step One and Step Two sections detailing customer profiles and demographics,
you may say to yourself, “I’m not sure how best to analyze trade area customer profiles or

Which is why the next Subject Area within the site map addresses Demographics.
The Demographics Subject Area lists and explains the many variables to consider.

This detailed information gives both the knowledge and the understanding necessary to
effectively search for sites in a trade area which offers the best match between those products
and services you intend to provide and the greatest concentration of customers that you intend
trying to market to – which is defined as your “target audience.”

This learning process is repeated throughout the four primary Subject Areas, which cover:
Site Selection
Leasing Variables
Construction Variables

There is much more content available, such as…

Lunch N Learn videos -- Extended information on the four subject areas
Money Saving Tips – Advice that you won’t find anywhere else which can save you $$$$
Don’t Get Screwed – Actual real-life lessons that our expertise can help you avoid
Real Estate Negotiation Strategies -- Your ability to negotiate and protect yourself

Additionally, you will have live one-on-one PRS Interactive Support with our Team throughout your entire annual membership.  Call us:  412-841-6626.
Need specialized help along the way?
Your membership also includes access to our database of Industry Support Professionals which covers 17 service categories that you may need, all in one place, so that you don’t have to hunt for them. This data includes contact information and a description of the services provided so that you can contact them directly!

Watch the video below for a peek of the information you'll have access to, how we'll help You Save Money, and Who We've Served.

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What We Do Introductory Video

Take a few minutes and listen to Dan O'Connell tell you more about what we do for you.

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Franchise Nightmares

Our eBook explains several nightmare situations franchisees have encountered.  These nightmares could have been prevented if they had known the facts… facts that are defined, in detail, on our website.

You don't know what you don't know.

Don't let that sabotage your future.
We provide tips on how to Save Money - Make Money - Be Successful!

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