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It was a pleasure meeting you. I really appreciated the time spent with you as you went over all the intricacies tied to the real estate market and the process. It was truly an eye opener.

As a new franchisee, a lot of us don't even know what we don't know. I took down notes while talking to you and highly recommends all new franchisees to at least have one session with you and engage you for support.  Thanks.

CodeWiz, Franchisee
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“It’s [PRS] such a great value at such a low price. One wise tip from you [PRS] could save someone lots of $$$.”
Tama S.
Directory of Shopping Malls, Publisher
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"We had two 5 year extensions, our option for renewal.
The rent and cam increased from 2000 monthly to 4500 monthly.
We contacted PRS and forwarded our lease to them for review.

It turns out, our original lease was written in a manner that the total square footage of the plaza, including vacant square footage, was to be used in the calculation numbers concerning our % of cam and tax contribution monthly to the landlord..The plaza was sold a number of times over the years.
All of the new owners were over charging us the above calculation based solely on the OCCUPIED SPACE, therefore our cost was MORE monthly for all these years than they should have been.
We gave Mr. OConnell and the staff of PRS, full power to discuss this with the landlord on our behalf.

They could not double talk their way around him as they did with us.
This is his expertise.

At the end of the day, he recovered approximately 45k for us and we stopped paying any rents or cam charges to the landlord.
We were in the final year of our lease. The landlord, a big firm out of Manhattan, did not pursue. We left the plaza in December of 2020.

This would never had happened if not for Dan O'Connell and the staff at PRS.

We strongly recommend that all entrepreneurs, big or small, have PRS review your lease

Vincent S.
Dapper Dan Dry Cleaners
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I haven't talked to you guys in a while, but wanted to let you know that Dan O'Connell has been outstanding to work with. If everyone is as helpful as him, I clearly made the right decision partnering with him. My experience thus far with the team has been great; dealing with commercial brokers and landlords is new for me, but Dan has been great assisting and getting/keeping the broker on track.
I'm sure you hear when people complain, but I wanted to let you know he's been great during this process.

I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback, it's natural for people to complain, but I've learned to give positive feedback when someone deserves it.

Have a nice weekend everyone. Dan, thanks for your patience.

Solomon P.
Jon Smith Subs, Franchisee

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I wanted to say congrats.  I'm very happy for you and I know you deserve it.  I will definitely miss our conversations and your guidance and wisdom. 
We finally got the permit approved and have completed the demo.  I followed your advice and asked for an additional 120 days of free rent.  Iw was approved with the condition that I extend the original term of the lease the 120 days.  I gladly accepted because I will be contacting them in 8 years or so to renegotiate an extension, again your advice.
If you like I will keep you abreast of the project and if you ever make it down my way, stop in for a delicious sandwich.
Mike G.
Jon Smith Subs, Franchisee
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Dan, you are filling a void in the market!  I wish you much success!
Matt C.
Mint ECO Car Wash, Chief Investment Officer

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Premier Retail Support seems like a wonderful service for Retailers.  This is great!
1851 Franchise
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