PRS Benefits for Franchisors

Start building a solid future today. Minimize your risks and protect your assets. Learn from our core team's combined 75 years experience in the commercial real estate and retail space industry.

Learn how to better navigate the treachery of real estate contracts and learn ways to prevent mistakes that could cost you and your franchisees tens of thousands of dollars. Negotiate like a boss and save yourself money in ways you may not have imagined before.

With PRS by your side, you can enable you and your franchisees to identify the best demographic, select the best site, and optimize their contracts so they can succeed. Their success is your success! No matter the step in the process being worked on, education is paramount.

If you have questions, you can pick up the phone and call us. We're here to help you and your customers succeed!

Check out some highlights!

  •  Learn each necessary step in the new-store development process, what milestones must be addressed when opening your first, second or fifth location, and how long it will take to accomplish each of those steps.

  •  Learn how long it will take to accomplish each of the steps in this process.

  •  Learn how to select brokers that understand your expansion needs.

  •  Learn how to educate your brokers so that they present every site with the same information and in the same format for your review.

  •  Learn how to prepare brochures with your site criteria for use by brokers, landlords and your franchisees.

  •  Learn how to incorporate money-saving ideas into your expansion plans.

  •  Learn how to compare and contrast trade areas and demographics to mirror your ideal customer profile.

  •  Learn what the variables are in site selection, and which ones are most important.

  •  Learn why Destination retailers pay less rent than Impulse retailers.

  •  Learn what business terms are “must be” items in your Letter of Intent (LOI).

  •  Learn how a permit contingency will protect you in the event that COVID, or some other unforeseen occurrence shuts down your zoning or permit office.

  •  Learn why a 30’ x 60’ space vs. a 20’ x 90’ space increases your storefront signage by 50%. (Both are 1800 feet).

  •   Learn what the “norms” are in commercial leasing, and pass those on to your franchisees.

  •  Learn what the difference is between rent abatement, rent reduction and rent deferral in order to aid any struggling franchisees or corporate locations.

  •  Learn how to structure a Relocation Clause so that it will cover any and all of the downside expenses.

  •  Learn why reporting your sales can and will be used against you in your lease renewal negotiations.

  •  Learn why additional lease “options” are always at the tenant’s discretion.
  •  And so much more...

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