PRS Benefits for Franchisees

Start building a solid future today. Minimize your risk and protect your assets. Learn from our core team's combined 75 years experience in the commercial real estate and retail space industry.

Navigate the treachery of real estate contracts and learn ways to prevent mistakes that could cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Negotiate like a boss and save yourself money in ways you may not have imagined before.

With PRS by your side, choose what step you're working on and deep dive into the knowledge you need to move forward. Be smart. Act smart. If you have questions, you can pick up the phone and call us. We'll pick the phone up!

Check out some highlights!

  •  Learn each necessary step in the new-store development process, what milestones must be addressed when opening your first, second or fifth location, and how long it will take to accomplish each of those steps.

  •  Learn how to identify a premier location.

  •  Learn how to find “off-market opportunities”.

  •  Learn how to compare trade areas and demographics to mirror your ideal customer profile.

  •  Learn why your planned store layout or plan-o-gram is so valuable when embarking on a site tour.

  •  Learn why you should know what the market rents are for your selected trade area and learn what the “norms” are in commercial leasing.

  •  Learn what the variables are in site selection, and which ones are most important.

  •  Learn how to use the nuances of the site negotiation process just like the major retail companies.

  •  Learn what contingencies are and how to use them to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances.

  •  Learn what the difference is between “dead rent” and “free rent”, and what the strategies are that will help to ensure that you avoid one and maximize the other.

  •  Learn what the difference is between these construction variables - vanilla shell, grey shell, raw shell and as-is - and why it matters to you.

  •  Learn why additional lease “options” are always at the tenant’s discretion.

  •  Learn what a “sales kick-out” is and how it limits your downside financial risk for any site that you lease.

  •  Learn why a Financing Contingency protects you if your lease is ready for signature, but your loan isn’t approved.

  •  Learn why time is either your friend or your enemy, in both negotiating and in the deal process.

  •  Learn how to structure a percentage rent provision (if you have one) to lower your base rent.

  •  Learn why you want an Exclusive Clause.
  •  And so much more...

Since our content is ever expanding your learning never stops.

Just one lesson could pay for your entire PRS membership!

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