PRS Benefits for Franchise Consultants

As a Franchise Consultant, you specialize in minimizing the risks and protecting the assets of those you consult for. Learn from our core team's combined 75 years experience in the commercial real estate and retail space industry.

Learn how to better navigate the treachery of real estate contracts and learn new ways to prevent mistakes that could cost you and your franchisees tens of thousands of dollars. Continuous education is paramount for you in order to stay on top of your game. Know what you don't know in ways you may not have imagined before.

With PRS by your side, you can enable your franchise clients to identify the best demographic, select the best site, and optimize their contracts so they can succeed. Their success is your success! No matter the step in the process being worked on, education is paramount.

If you have questions, you can pick up the phone and call us. We're here to help you and your customers succeed!

Check out some highlights!

  •  Learn why you can close more prospects when Premier Retail Support assists in that process.

  •  Learn what every prospect must know about how to select and lease a new location before they commit to selecting a franchise.

  •  Learn how the education that PRS provides can alleviate your prospect’s fear of moving forward to close and buy that franchise.

  •  Learn what other Franchise Consultants don’t know about the new-store development process.

  •  Learn why PRS helps you to provide an expanded consulting experience that will differentiate you from other Franchise Consultants.

  •  Learn why the expertise which PRS provides applies to every franchise brand that relies on opening and operating in a brick-and-mortar location.

  •  And so much more...

Since our content is ever expanding your learning never stops.

Just one lesson could pay for your entire PRS membership!

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