Walk-Away Power

Have walk-away power. Not every great site was meant to be leased. If the “deal package” isn’t complete, pass on the site.

I have frequently been asked, “What is the difference between an “A” site and a “B” site?

An “A” site has EVERYTHING your desired site criteria hopes to find in a location. For example, if you were evaluating a potential restaurant location that had great visibility, convenient access with plenty of parking, high income customers in the surrounding area, no competition, BUT didn’t have exterior patio seating or a drive-thru and ideally your perfect location WOULD HAVE a patio and drive-thru then the site you are looking at is a “B” location.

A “B” location means you are evaluating a potential site that does not have EVERYTHING you were hoping to have in a location. Bottom line: “keep looking”

You have to pass on the "B" sites to be available to say yes to the "A" sites.

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