Tenant Spec Example

SHELL CONDITIONS and TENANT IMPROVEMENTS   (minimum and not all inclusive)

•   4 wire, 200 amp, 120/208v, 3 phase power with breaker panel.
•   1” water service with 75-gallon water heater.
•   4” sanitary sewer service with stubbed-out grease interceptor.
•   1 ton of HVAC per 300 SF of leased space.
•   2 ADA restrooms per plans
•   1 lighting fixture per 25 SF of leased space.
•   Partition and demising walls provided, taped, spackled. sanded and ready for paint per tenant’s plans,
      which are to be provided during the lease preparation process.
•   Matching Drop Ceiling installed throughout, at a minimum 10’ height.
•   Window and Doors provided free of damage, cracks, and watertight.
•   Fire Sprinklers, if required by code, will be provided by landlord.
•   Tenant Improvement Allowance of $________ psf covering work over and above the standard work letter agreed-upon.
•  All service tap fees, impact fees, meter fees, traffic mitigation fees and development fees to be paid by landlord.

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