Site Criteria Profile

Prior to any tenant or retailer investing the time to sit in a car and tour potential sites they must first define (specifically) who their ideal customer is for the service or product that they will be selling.

Building this SITE CRITERIA PROFILE will allow the franchisees, brokers and landlords to all be focused on the same criteria to find that premier location.

There are five Sections that make up a complete Site Criteria Profile, and they are:

  1. Trade Area Criteria (desired population and income defined)
  2. Preferred Market Criteria (desired nearby co-tenants defined)
  3. Location Criteria (Square footage, endcap, patio, min. parking requirements, etc. defined)
  4. Lease Terms Preferred (Initial term, # of options, build out time, exclusive, etc. - defined)
  5. Shell Conditions and Tenant Improvements (example provided under the Construction Section)
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