Quality of Traffic

Quality of Traffic:      Even though the traffic counts may be high, are they going to stop? I worked for a company that targeted Orlando, Florida because of the traffic generated by Walt Disney World®. The problem was, the cars heading into and out of Walt Disney World® were on a mission to get in, enjoy the parks and to head back to their hotels exhausted. Were they going to stop? That is the question of "quality of traffic". Another way to look at quality of traffic is to consider a shopping center on a high traffic corridor, that could be referred to a commuter highway. Yes, the street may have 40,000 vehicles passing your shopping center each day, but are they going to stop? Is the street you are considering, and the traffic traveling by, on their way to a Central Business District (CBD) and it just happens to be the dominant commuter street between the suburbs and the CBD. Ask the existing tenants in the center if they are the shopping destination for the surrounding neighborhood or those commuters. That will give you insight how frequently you’ll see the same customer base.   
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