What is Premier Retail Support?

Premier Retail Support is the franchisee's and entrepreneur's source for unbiased information concerning all aspects of the retail real estate leasing process.  We are your how-to manual for navigating this process from beginning to end.

You'll develop your skills in, and understanding of, such topics as site selection and lease negotiation by learning from our team's real-world proven commercial real estate, franchise and retail expertise. You'll benefit from the knowledge gained during years of experience that will be shared through your all-access pass to our extensive content.  The keys to understanding the total process for success in selecting and leasing a quality retail location can be accessed here!

You'll learn and understand the skills and competencies necessary to keep the future of your business positive and minimize those costly mistakes that can put you out of business before you even get started!

We have the answers for the questions that you are asking.  The commercial leasing process may have thrown twists and turns at you that you didn't see coming. There are pitfalls that may have cost you time and money, and you've been saying to yourself, "There has to have been a way to avoid this."  Or perhaps you've asked yourself the question, "Where do I go to get accurate information designed specifically to help me succeed?" 


Why Premier Retail Support?!

We’ve all heard that expression. Premier Retail Support was conceived after years and years of supporting franchisees and new business owners and having to repeat the same lessons each time. We thought “What if there was a way, a vehicle, to provide and share all this knowledge in a self-help format, that could be shared with hundreds or thousands of entrepreneurs at the same time instead of one at a time?"

Every new or small retailer, franchisee, restauranteur or entrepreneur wants to understand and utilize the strategies and nuances of the commercial site selection and leasing process. We want to help in looking out for your best interests — "Our Business Helping Your Business."  We cover it all, explain it all, and encourage you to ask questions.

When you ask questions, you help us to focus and expand our database of knowledge that is available to share. There are so many facets to commercial real estate and we intend to eventually cover them all. Your questions and requests for support “prioritize” where we expand next.

Call us! We’ll answer the phone. When was the last time you heard that?

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The $199 annual subscription is an introductory rate that will never increase for you, as long as your subscription is renewed each year, without interruption.
As the website grows and additional services are offered, though the subscription price may increase, you will automatically have access to the additional services at no additional cost.

The information content within the website will continue to expand. For example, how beneficial would it be to be introduced to a local commercial broker who we have worked with, that has been qualified and knowledgeable in your market, and is aware of “off-market opportunities” not known to the general public because of long term developer relationships? We are continually working on building our Industry Support Professionals database that you will have access to when you join.

This subscription is structured on an annual basis since the entire new retail store leasing process, from trade area analysis to grand opening, typically takes place over an 8-10 month period. By joining you will have access to all the details of the timeline that can be found on our Subject Areas page under Site Selection.

Premier Retail Support professionals will be with you every step of the way.

We are only a phone call or email away!

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  Industry Support

We know you're going to need the assistance of professionals in the brokerage, contractor, attorney, and architect communities. We have extensive long term relationships with these groups and are building our database to share this information as the Premier Retail Support website continues to grow.


Leading analyses for demographic information and trade areas.  Learn how to do it, where to find it, and what it all means. Then, what do you do with it. Avoid costly mistakes early in the game.

 Site Selection

Location. Location. Location. You've heard it a thousand times. Finding the right place takes a lot of common sense and a little bit of luck...or should we say a partner who knows the tricks of the trade. PRS is that partner.

  Leasing Variables

Signing the right lease means negotiating with confidence, knowing what you want, and how to get it. The process is loaded with so many variables, it's impossible to know it all. Learn what you need to know BEFORE you sit down to discuss the deal.

 Construction Variables

Construction is costly. Learn how to unravel the laws and codes that differ from state to state. Understanding the impact of different codes, signage programs, shell limitations, and the forms and letters to navigate is critical to your success.

  Real Estate Strategies

Strategies you'll use from start to finish. From comparing trade areas to signing leases, learn what to do and when to do it. It's a complicated landscape, but we'll do our best to keep you down to earth. 

 PRS Interactive Support

PRS offers you what nobody else does. Interactive Support. Enjoy the flexibility of support, whether it's on the phone, via email, or on chat, we'll keep you moving forward toward your goals.If you want support with something you can't find, tell us about it. We'll provide it.Your subscription let's you in to a living, breathing site.  As we grow our content, you'll grow with us!

 Join Us as a PRS Industry Support Professional

Our Subscribers not only get to utilize the experience of Premier Retail Support's seasoned experts, but also gain the support from our Industry Support Professionals.

If your organization provides support and services to franchisees and entrepreneurs, then become an asset by becoming a Member. Provide franchisees with the knowledge and expertise they require to succeed and you'll reap the benefits as well.

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