Grand Opening
Typical Chronological Timeline


This is a typical chronological timeline for a person to take their dream to reality. Of course, there are many variables along your journey that can either shorten or extend the typical timeline. This is provided as a guideline.

DAY 1   Broker introduction to kick off upcoming site tour
DAY 2-21   Contact landlords to confirm site availability based on tenant site criteria
DAY 22-25   Site tour with broker and future tenant who would sign lease
DAY 26-40   LOI's generated for premier locations identified on site tour
DAY 41-60   LOI's volleyed while in negotiations between landlord and tenant
DAY 61-65   LOI executed by landlord and tenant
DAY 66-70   Landlord starts to prepare lease based on LOI terms and conditions
DAY 71-130   Tenant engages architect to start laying out retail/restaurant space
DAY 131-135   Lease negotiation between landlord & tenant attorneys
DAY 131-135   Architect plans prepared & submitted for permit & contractor bidding
DAY 136-170   Lease executed by both landlord and tenant
DAY 136-170   Landlord undertakes any construction work in tenant space
DAY 171-175   Tenant interviews contractors and secures bid prices
DAY 171-175   Tenant picks up construction permit so work can commence shortly
DAY 176-180   Landlord completes their work and turns over space to tenant
DAY 176-180   Tenant accepts turnover (if work is complete) buildout period begins
DAY 181   Tenant contractor begins work building out retail/restaurant space
DAY 300   Tenant contractor completes building retail/restaurant space
DAY 301-305   Tenant contractor secures certificate of occupancy - tenant can open
DAY 306-330   Tenant space fixtured, staffed, & marketing plan finalized
DAY 331-360   Grand Opening!
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