Follow the Defined and Provided Sequence

Follow the sequence in this website. Premier Retail Support has covered every aspect of leasing in a how-to self-teaching format. Our goal is to help and support thousands of future business owners, not dozens.

If you are currently looking at potential locations, then read everything in the SUBJECT AREA box that pertains to SITE SELECTION Variables.

If you have reached the point of preparing an LOI then read everything within that section. Keep coming back to Premier Retail Support at every phase in your leasing process.

That’s why your subscription membership is annual. Because it will normally take 6-8 months to analyze trade areas, identify a premier site, negotiate an LOI, prepare construction plans, go in for permit, secure a contractor, and build your space out prior to the grand opening.

If you have a question or Premier Retail Support needs to provide additional clarification, tell us and we’ll add further detail. 

Be prepared. It will save you a fortune to 'know what you didn't know.'

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